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Feed Your Workforce And Gain Control Of Your Food Budget

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If you have been using an open policy that allows your employees to order meals or that grants your department heads the opportunity to plan meals that will be served during business functions, it can be alarming to see how much money is being spent annually on the food and delivery fees. One way to gain control of food expenses and ensure that your workforce has access to company lunches or meals is by opening a corporate account through a restaurant delivery service.

See Exactly Where Money Is Being Spent

A restaurant delivery service pairs with dining establishments to provide each client with the opportunity to order the types of cuisine that they prefer. There may be some days when sandwiches and chips are appropriate for an informal meeting and others when high-end steaks and baked desserts may be a better option.

The ease of using an online application to place an order will eliminate the frustrations involved with looking up phone numbers for specific restaurants and being placed on hold prior to verbalizing what menu items are desired. If you opt for monthly invoices, you won't be bombarded with meal tickets and employee expense inquiries. Instead, you can review the invoice to determine how your money is being spent, prior to satisfying the bill.

Take Note Of High Charges

If you allow your employees to order meals on set occasions but haven't been adamant about the amount of money that can be spent, it can be disappointing to discover that your workers have been taking advantage of your generosity and ordering the most expensive things from the finest restaurants in town. This type of scenario will not be one that you encounter if you enforce a budget. Let your department heads have some authority when it comes to ordering food for the people who work under them.

Be specific about the limit for each order. For example, if an impromptu lunch is going to be offered and the occasion is informal, allow a lower amount to be spent than if a large, formal gathering was being held. You can even be specific about the restaurants that you will allow your workforce to order from. With an online application, you can track each order to ensure that it is going to be delivered on time and you will also have the ability to update orders as needed.

Contact local corporate restaurant delivery services to learn more.