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3 Uses For Polypropylene Bags You May Not Have Thought Of Before

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Polypropylene bags are any type of plastic bag that are typically safe to use with foodstuffs. They really can be used with just about anything, but the following three uses may be some of the ones you have not thought about before. Try these uses, and then see if there are other ways you can use these very handy bags.

Saving Leftover Food While on Vacation

Theme parks are notorious for giving you a lot of food. Sometimes it is more than you or your kids can eat. Since theme parks also charge quite a high price for that food, you might want to save what you can for snacks later. If you plan to vacation in any theme parks this year, take some polypropylene bags with you—preferably the resealable kind—and stash them in your purse or fanny pack. That way when your kids cannot finish the grapes or crackers that come with their park meals, you can pull out these bags and stash the extra food for later.

Storing and Freezing Homemade Soup

Do you have a recipe for the best chicken soup or Italian wedding soup ever? Do you also have a habit of making way too much soup? Well, then, these food storage bags can really help. You can use the freezer variety of bag to store and freeze soup. Just be sure to only fill the bags half-way or less because the frozen soup will need room to expand. Then you can store soup by the quart, the pint or the gallon, creating exactly the right amount of soup for the next time you crave it.

Carrying Water as a Soft-Sided Canteen

Polypropylene bags can carry a lot of water on a long trek through the wilderness. You can create a soft-sided canteen by filling these bags with water and then storing them inside a leather sack to prevent rocks and twigs from puncturing or tearing the bags by accident. Be sure to test the seal at the top of the bag for any leaks before filling the bag with water. This can be done by filling the bag, closing it and then turning the bag upside down over a sink. If the bag does not leak, you can take that one on your trek or hike. Repeat the process if you want to take more than one bag of water with you or you expect the journey to be a long and arduous one.

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