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How To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen As Energy Efficient As Possible

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If you've recently opened a new restaurant within the past couple of years, there are many new or unexpected expenses that often arise. Aside of the rising demand of food and restaurant supplies, one thing you may not have originally taken into consideration is utility fluctuations. Depending on the overall capacity of how much you use your kitchen and appliances, you may see an increase in your utility bills month to month. One way to keep costs down is to conserve energy whenever possible. Here are a few ways you can start making your commercial kitchen more energy efficient.

Clean Appliances Daily

Keeping your kitchen clean is essential when it comes to eliminating food borne illness. It can also help curb outrageous utility bills. When you remove grease and food buildup from stovetops, ovens and fryers, it reduces stress on the appliance itself. Appliances work overtime when having to heat built-up food and grease along with what you are currently cooking. This leads to using more energy. Vacuuming the condenser units on your refrigerator and freezer on a daily basis helps remove dust and other debris build up. This makes it easier for the units to cool and freeze foods at the most precise temperature possible.

Evaluate Appliance Capacity

If you are still using the old outdated appliances that came with your restaurant, you could be losing money every time you use them. When you get ready to purchase new equipment, do an evaluation of how often you use items such as your convection oven and deck oven and to what capacity you use them. Don't choose equipment that is too large. This can lead to an overuse of energy that can increase your monthly gas and electric bill. Check to make sure that your new appliances have a high energy rating that will help reduce the amount of power it takes to run the unit.

Service Your Appliances Every Six Months

You may have been putting off calling in an appliance repair specialist, due to budget constraints. But in many cases you can't afford to have an appliance go down for a day or more at a time. You will have to turn customers away. Having your appliances evaluated and serviced at least once every six months or more can reduce the risk of unit breakdown. Routine service can ensure your appliances are working properly and energy efficiently. A tech will check the thermostats on the refrigeration units and make sure the stoves and other appliance control systems are functioning at the right capacity. A faulty thermostat or bad control switch can cause appliances to run more frequently and pull a lot more electricity than what is needed.

Choose Manufacturer Parts Only

When having your fryer serviced for repair, make sure the technician only replaces worn out parts with parts straight from the manufacturer. This can help reduce energy waste because these parts are made to specifically fit the equipment you already have in your kitchen.

Keeping utility costs down can be done when you utilize multiple ways to keep your energy costs minimal through mindful conservation and consistent maintenance. Talk to a professional like K & D Factory Service Inc for more information.